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"Fantastic service at competitive prices. After having a nightmare with a dealership, where I bought the car, D&S did the repair quickly with pleasant prompt service and less than half what the dealer quoted."
"Well, I have a 2006 Mini Cooper S that got some major suspension damage up front. Very little body damage but I think it's safe to assume that Cooper S is a very hard car to work on and replace parts (zee Germans). Well Ralph called me when my car got towed there. Told me that it was going to get repaired. I had no idea that they would do such a fantastic and prefessional job with the repairs. Not only did they fix what was wrong. But they were always calling me to come in and take a look at the repaired parts. I like that. Very seldom does that happen. Well I also had 2 wheels highly damaged and were plastidipped, they re-plastidipped my wheels at no extra charge. For the life of me. I cannot remember the mechanic who did the work. But there is no amount of stars that will do him justice. By the way. The result of my accident produced a bad power steering pump, pretty spendy part. But it went out 2 days later. After I originally got my car back. I called them and within 10 minutes of me calling them they had picked up my car and replaced the pump the very same day and I was stoked to get my car repaired but also to head out and drive it. Would I recommend this place? Amazing service, friendly people and unmatched work quality. Take your car there. You'll be as amazed as I was. 10 out 5 stars."
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